Stop your machines, parts, products and vehicles going to rust!

Lockdown has created many challenges and if, like many companies, you are facing changes to production during these unprecedented times, you may find your business is more vulnerable to the effects of corrosion than usual:

  • Do you have machines lying idle?
  • Have you got parts in storage until you can fully restart production?
  • Are you left with assembled or part-assembled products waiting to be shipped when customers reopen?
  • Are delivery vehicles parked up?

Vapor-Tek’s high-performance corrosion preventives are specifically formulated to be clean, quick and simple to apply and will protect your assets indefinitely. In most cases our products do not even need removing before parts are assembled, engines commissioned, or machinery and vehicles are put back to work.

Protect machined and cast parts, moving parts of machinery, casings and electronics with a spray of Steelgard – our solvent-deposited thin film contact corrosion preventative is dewatering and lubricating. Available in various formulations including Touch-Dry, it is easy to apply and ensures your stock and machinery will be indefinitely protected from corrosion until needed again.

Protect all surfaces in enclosed spaces with Vaporol, our flagship Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) – its vapours reach every nook and cranny in engines and gearboxes keeping them pristine until commissioned. Vaporol also protects voids like fuel tanks and containers holding multiple items – export packaging, crates and HDPE bags holding components can all be effectively protected for as long as they remain capped, enclosed or sealed.

Ensure your vehicles are ready to go when production restarts – just add a small amount of Vaporol to the oil, turn over a few times and it will protect the entire engine against corrosion. A quick squirt of Steelgard on contacts, into locks, around handles, valves, nuts and bolts will ensure everything can get moving again when you need it to, rust-free.

The cost of replacing corroded and damaged stock, overhauling machinery and unscheduled servicing of vehicles can be high and will slow things down when you are ready to start production again.

Vapor-Tek’s products are quick and easy to apply and extremely cost-effective. Give us a call today on 01204 521795 to discuss how we can help you protect your business from corrosion.