Dobson & Beaumont Ltd

The Client

Dobson & Beaumont is a precision engineering and thread rolling company producing machined, turned and threaded parts for a variety of industries including manufacturers of diesel engines and wind and steam turbines for power generation.  The engineers use CNC machines to produce components from bar steel of various grades.  They also work in cast iron.

The Challenge

As soon as steel or iron bar is first cut, the fresh surfaces are exposed to air and can start to corrode extremely quickly.  Pinprick rust is known to set in within four hours of machining.  At Dobson & Beaumont, as with most component manufacturers, parts go through several processes from bar to finished component and may be stored for anything from hours to weeks between stages.

Precision grinding is particularly problematic as the exposed metal surfaces are left quite porous and prone to rusting very quickly.

The Solution

Steelgard has proved to be the perfect solution at every stage of production.  From experience, the engineers have established that the sooner it is applied, the longer the protection lasts.  At Dobson & Beaumont, Steelgard is used at every stage of production from the first cut through to storage and shipping.  After each machining or grinding process the parts are washed with a kerosene-based solution and then sprayed with Steelgard.  Finished components are sprayed with Steelgard, wrapped in VCI paper then enclosed in plastic bags ready for storage or shipping.

The Benefits

  • Parts never corrode between processes and are protected from unexpected delays.
  • The careful protection of finished parts has proved an effective way of keeping them corrosion free. In some cases they have been stored for 10-15 years and were still pristine and ready for shipping.
  • Shipments are sent to customers in full confidence that they will arrive in perfect condition and remain protected even if they are then stored for a considerable time before being used.
  • No stock is lost due to corrosion.

Unique uses

Like many Vapor-Tek customers, Dobson & Beaumont have experimented with our products and found some innovative uses:

Steelgard has been found to be effective in cleaning stored components. Some parts which arrive at the site are covered in a traditional, oily coating to protect them from corrosion.  Over time in storage, which can be 4-5 years in some cases, this sets and hardens and can be extremely difficult to remove.  The engineers have discovered that spraying the parts with Steelgard and leaving it on for a short while helps lift off the dried-on oil, removes staining and leaves the parts clean and ready to use.

Dobson & Beaumont has been involved in machining parts including threaded rods, end caps, nuts and washers for bridge projects including the Humber and Tamar bridges.  Exposed parts are coated with a bitumen-based paint to withstand the elements.  However, there is always some exposed steel, for example threaded ends of rods, which needs a different form of protection.  The engineers have discovered that by mixing Steelgard with the heavy oil they wanted to use, not only does the coating have all the benefits of contact corrosion protection built in, but the oil is thinned to a consistency which enables them to spray it on and the mixture then dries to the right finish to ensure corrosion is prevented from setting in, despite the challenging conditions.

About Vapor-Tek

Vapor-Tek produces a range of high-performance corrosion preventatives from its premises in Bolton.

Steelgard is a contact corrosion inhibitor.  The formulation is solvent-deposited, dewatering and leaves a thin, lubricating film which protects against corrosion.  Approved by the MoD and NATO and used by customers worldwide, including Rolls Royce and JCB, on diverse products from metal component parts to the nuclear submarine fleet.

Vaporol is an extremely effective Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) which protects the inside of things.  We also offer a water-based version, Aquavap, which has all the benefits of Vaporol in an aqueous formulation, which can be rinsed away if required.

Whatever your corrosion problem, we have a clean, simple and cost-effective product to prevent it.  For friendly advice, further information or to place an order call Vapor-Tek today on 01204 521795 or e-mail


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July 15, 2020

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