Vapor-Tek proudly presents the re-launch of its corrosion preventative – Steelgard 5 in 1 spray. With a heritage spanning over five decades, Steelgard 5 in 1 stands as a testament to Vapor-Tek’s unwavering commitment to quality. 

Over the years, 5 in 1 has evolved to meet the requirements of esteemed bodies such as the Ministry of Defence Standard DEF.Stan 68-10/03 (PX24) and the NATO Code C-634. Moreover, it has been approved by leading British and foreign aerospace, engineering and government bodies for use in their various applications. 

One of the cornerstones of Steelgard 5 in 1’s enduring success lies in its extraordinary efficiency. The fluid’s transparent, free-flowing nature facilitates comprehensive coverage across metal components, boasting an impressive capacity of up to 120 square meters per liter. This attribute, coupled with its remarkably clean application, stands in stark contrast to the sticky, viscous coatings of alternative products. The ease of application, whether on ferrous or non-ferrous metals, underscores its appeal across diverse sectors. Moreover, the inclusion of high-quality water displacement additives, makes it an ideal solution to prevent corrosion. 

Another advantage of Steelgard 5 in 1 lies in its extraordinary versatility. Its spectrum of applications spans from industrial equipment to household usage and even extends to safeguarding exposed metal components on motorcycles. This versatility is a testament to the product’s adaptability and its innate capacity to cater to a broad array of needs. It seamlessly integrates into various contexts, underscoring its role as a reliable corrosion preventative.

In Vapor-Tek’s history, the re-launch of Steelgard 5 in 1 signifies the commitment to long-standing excellence. It’s military-grade composition and endorsement from prestigious bodies, reaffirms its quality in the domain of corrosion prevention. 

The multitude of attributes from its economical coverage to its user-friendly application and unparalleled versatility has led to 5 in 1 being one of the best options for preventing corrosion on the market for both industry and individuals alike. 

You can learn more about Steelgard 5 in 1 here