Vapor-Tek supports a wide range of customers with corrosion prevention, supplying high performance products which protect assets, ensure smooth running of machinery and processes, and prolong the life of valuable components and infrastructure.

The oil and gas industry operates in some of the most challenging conditions found on the planet. From arid deserts to stormy seas.  Drilling operations require huge quantities of expensive equipment which is exposed to harsh conditions and corrosive chemicals on a daily basis.  Corrosion is a constant threat to safety, efficiency and, ultimately, profits.  Products which prevent corrosion from setting in are vital for protecting personnel and keeping production at optimum levels.

Vapor-Tek is proud to supply many companies within the industry.  Our products have been thoroughly tested in the harshest of environments and written into protocols for management of crucial processes.  Here are just a few of the myriad uses for our corrosion preventatives:

Hydrostatic testing

Using Aquatest as an additive when performing hydrostatic testing of pressurized systems and hydraulic vessels renders the water used completely non-corrosive.  This removes the risk of corrosion caused by residual water and humidity left in the system after draining.  For additional or longer-term protection when systems are to be laid up for a significant period before commissioning or between uses, Aquavap – our water-based VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) – can be applied by pouring, misting or spraying into the system then capping or sealing.  The vapours will fill the space and ensure every surface is protected indefinitely.

Pipework and valves

When filled with oil in normal use, pipes and valves are naturally protected from corrosion, however before and between uses they can be at risk, especially in the naturally corrosive atmosphere found in coastal locations and on rigs themselves.  Contamination with sea water is a real problem leading to significant rusting and deterioration of vital equipment.  Introducing Vaporol, our flagship VCI, gives reliable protection to all surfaces within the network.

Vapor-Tek supplies manufacturers of valves and pipework who apply Vaporol as part of their standard processes to ensure components are protected during shipping and storage, right up until they are installed and commissioned.


These vital machines are often laid up between uses on oil rigs and can become vulnerable to rusting and oxidation.  Vaporol is the answer here as well.  Providing the system is capped or sealed it provides protection against corrosion indefinitely.

Coiled Tubing

Huge reels of coiled tubing are an inherent component of drilling processes.  An expensive asset, they are exposed to a cocktail of corrosive chemicals and often rinsed with seawater between uses, which is a recipe for corrosion, weakening and failure.  One of Vapor-Tek’s customers spent considerable time and effort testing various products to find a suitable method of cleaning and protecting their coiled tubing.  The final verdict was that the only product they would recommend is Vapor-Tek’s Steelgard RP Grease.  One of our most versatile products, in this use it is diluted with a solvent and rinsed through the tubing, leaving a thin layer of corrosion inhibiting ingredients which cling to all parts of the tubing and stay in place until it is next required.  This significantly increases its lifespan, directly reducing running costs and increasing profits.

Anti-corrosion paint

One of our customers adds Vaporol to a heavy-duty coating formulated specifically to be painted onto the legs of oil rigs.  This added ingredient ensures long-lasting protection from corrosion even in the subsea environment.

Day to day life on rigs

The incredibly harsh environmental conditions on oil and gas rigs mean that rust and corrosion set in extremely quickly.  Whereas in a temperature controlled, low-humidity setting machinery and equipment may only require an occasional application of lubricant or rust protector, at sea any vulnerability will quickly lead to visible corrosion, loss of performance and risk of failure so corrosion prevention must be built in to routine maintenance protocols.

Indoors, where there are moving parts, control panels etc. a spray of Steelgard 5in1 from its handy aerosol disperses accumulated salt and leaves a thin, lubricating protective film.  A squirt prevents locks from seizing and keeps screw fastenings, nuts and bolts from rusting.

In more exposed areas, a regular application of Steelgard RP Grease neat from the tub will protect and lubricate hinges, stopcocks, valves and fastenings.

Adding a small quantity of Vaporol to oil or fuel in generator sets, engines and motors keeps them running smoothly and protects them when laid up between uses.

Overseas industries

Vapor-Tek’s products, while in regular use in the UK and European oil and gas industries for many years, have recently been acknowledged with official approvals from the Chinese oil industry.  We have been working with distributors in China for a while now and are delighted that our corrosion inhibitors have been recognized to be of significant use to them in a range of applications.


About Vapor-Tek

Vapor-Tek produces a range of high-performance corrosion preventatives from our premises in Bolton.  We offer a range of contact corrosion inhibitors under the Steelgard brand including Touch DrySteelgard Export for the challenging conditions found during international shipping and storage; Rust Preventing RP Grease, and the Steelgard 521 formulation approved by the MoD and NATO and used by customers worldwide including Rolls Royce and JCB on diverse products from metal component parts to the nuclear submarine fleet.

For engines, complex assemblies and products with a void, like tanks and pipework, we offer our Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) Vaporol and Aquavap.  Overhead conductors can be protected with Cablegard and we have developed Aquatest to render water completely non-corrosive.


Whatever your corrosion problem, we have a clean, simple and cost-effective product to prevent it.  For friendly advice, further information or to place an order call Vapor-Tek today on 01204 521795 or e-mail