Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) also known as Vapour Phase Inhibitor

Protect the inside of things from corrosion – the vapours reach and protect every surface in engines, hydraulic tanks, gearboxes, pipework, packing cases.  No messy coatings, no parts missed and left unprotected.  Long-term, effective protection.

Clean, Quick, Simple

  • Mist, fog, flood or spray into any enclosed space, then cap
  • No coatings to remove, simply drain any residue
  • Fast-acting – gets to work in minutes

High Performance

  • Reliable – decades of use, no failures reported
  • Long-lasting – years in many cases
  • Protects vintage aircraft, cutting edge defence vehicles… and your car or motorbike


  • Protects any capped, enclosed space – no need to seal
  • Compatible with most fuels and lubricants
  • Keeps laid up and stored engines ready to go and protects them when in use


  • A little goes a long way, and can often be re-used
  • Pays for itself – save on time, labour and corrosion issues
  • No nitrites, VOCs, chlorinated substances or heavy metals

Why Vaporol?

With ordinary preservative oils, all surfaces have to be completely coated.  This is difficult, time-consuming and it can be impossible to reach all internal areas.  Over time oil can drain away leaving surfaces exposed and vulnerable to corrosion.

Vaporol only has to be present in the tank (or any enclosed system) – the vapours do the rest, reaching every nook and cranny, even in complex machinery, pipe systems and engines.

While the system is enclosed, the contents are fully protected and this protection lasts indefinitely.  No need to seal, as long as tanks are capped, packing cases closed and oil caps on, the vapours will remain in place.

Read about how some of our customers use Vaporol to protect heritage vehicles at The Shuttleworth Collection and to ensure freshly cleaned hydraulic tanks stay pristine and uncorroded until they are needed

Watch how Vaporol Works

Here to help…

Unsure whether Vaporol is right for your corrosion problem?  For some applications Aquavap or Aquatest may be more suitable.  I can help you decide.


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