Corrosion is a common issue faced by many industries around the world, leading to safety, cost, and production concerns. There are four main types of corrosion to look out for; galvanic corrosion, uniform corrosion, stress cracking and aqueous corrosion.

It is important to recognise the signs of corrosion, as it can lead to damage and loss of integrity of metal surfaces and structure. Once corrosion has set in, unless treated quickly, it can result in disposal of components, resulting in significant cost increases for companies. In addition, corrosion occurring on working components can fail resulting in extensive safety concerns for employees and employers, especially in high risk working environments such as the oil and gas sector.

1 – Storage of equipment:

Keeping metal components, machinery and equipment stored in the correct way, can help prevent rust. When and where possible, avoid high humidity and moist environments, keeping components, machinery, and equipment in cool, dry environments.

2 – Use rust preventative lubricants

Rust preventative lubricants can help extend component life over decades. These penetrating lubricants help create a barrier between metal, water and oxygen. Vapor-Tek’s Steelgard range of products can protect all metal components against corrosion, increasing life of vital working components, decreasing overall costs for companies and safety concerns for their employees.

3 – Inspect equipment regularly

Inspecting your machinery and equipment regular and thoroughly can aid in the discovery of rust early. Upon finding rust, clean the area immediately and deeply, using rust removal products if needed. Once the area has been primed, treat the area with rust preventative lubricants such as Vapor-Tek’s Steelgard range. Steelgard is clean, quick and simple to apply, giving a thin, transparent lubricating protective film. Whilst outperforming the traditional thicker heavier coatings, serving a reliable, long-term

4 – Use other rust inhibitors

Another tip to prevent rust is to use other rust inhibitors. Rust inhibitors leave no messy coatings, no parts missed and left unprotected, providing long-term, effective protection. Vapor-Tek’s Vaporol reaches and protects every surface in engines, hydraulic tanks, gearboxes, pipework and packaging cases. Vaporol is a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) also known as Vapor Phase Inhibitor.

Vapor-Tek is a market leading manufacturer of corrosion preventatives with more than 60 years’ experience. Based in the UK but exporting globally, Vapor-Tek has a comprehensive range of corrosion preventatives for various applications.


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