Aquatest – Renders water completely non-corrosive

Protect tanks, pipework, HVAC and sprinkler systems from the corrosive effects of water.

Clean, Quick, Simple

  • Simply add to water in sealed systems or during rinsing
  • Ensures residual water will not cause corrosion
  • Protects during pressure testing, leak testing, after cleaning

High Performance

  • Renders water completely non-corrosive
  • Reliable, long-term protection
  • Can be recycled or discharged into sewers


  • Protects all ferrous metals and alloys, safe for most non-ferrous metals
  • Used in Tanks, Pipework, Heating and Cooling systems, Pressure vessels
  • Pumps, Valves, Joints, Boilers, Radiators, Gas cylinders, Heat exchangers, Fire extinguishers


  • No solvents, VOCs, nitrites or other toxic chemicals
  • Non-flammable
  • pH near neutral

Why Aquatest?

Vapor-Tek developed Aquatest as a solution to the corrosive effects of water sitting in sealed systems like sprinklers, fire extinguishers and heating systems.  Wherever water is in contact with ferrous metals there is a risk of corrosion.  Over time this can cause particles of rust to flake off and build up, potentially clogging valves and pumps and risks weakening pipes, joints and tank bodies with catastrophic results.

Simply adding 2-5% Aquatest to water used to fill a sealed system renders the water completely non-corrosive and extends the life of the metal parts considerably.  In some applications, e.g. steel drum reconditioning, concentrations as low as 0.2 – 0.5% can prevent flash rusting during a power wash.

Residual water which inevitably pools in pipework, pumps and pressure vessels after cleaning or pressure testing can allow corrosion to eat away at the metal underneath even when the items are not in use.  Adding Aquatest to the testing water or final rinse means any water left behind will be completely non-corrosive and ensure the integrity of the product until it is next used.

Here to help...

Unsure whether Aquavap is right for your corrosion problem?  In some applications Aquatest or Vaporol would be more suitable.  I can help you decide.

If your ideal product isn’t listed, we have decades of experience in bespoke corrosion preventatives and will design a cost-effective formulation that is perfect for you.

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