Vapor-Tek Ltd supplies both private and public organisations internationally with a range of corrosion preventatives and has contracts with many international military organisations and industrial public listed companies.

Our corrosion and rust inhibitors include the Steelgard range of solvent-deposited thin films which outperform traditional thicker, heavier coatings, usually at lower cost.  Vaporol and Aquavap are volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) which protect the inside of things – from engines and gearboxes to fuel tanks and packing cases.

The expert team at Vapor-tek is renowned for finding solutions to corrosion problems – please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and further information.

The company name, Vapor-Tek, evolved from our expertise in the field of Vapour Phase Inhibitors (VPI’s), also known as Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI’s). We continue this with our oil based Vaporol, and water based Aquavap, as well as VCI solutions for coating onto paper and board.

Vapor-Tek Ltd has a long history of approval and supply of ‘Corrosion Preventives-Water Displacing’ to the M.O.D.  With continued approval for Def Stan (PX-24) 68/10 from its inception at Issue 01 through to the current Issue 05. The current Steelgard (973) which carries the Def Stan, also has approval and clearance for use within both the Royal Navy submarine and nuclear submarine fleet. And has been used by several international military air forces for the protection of gas turbines.

Colin Jones, our Managing Director, has been with the company for 37 years now and has worked in every possible area, from manufacturing and Quality Control to Research and Development before taking overall responsibility for the company.  His knowledge and understanding of corrosion issues and how to prevent them is immense.  He is always happy to chat through customers’ problems and, if Vapor-Tek does not already produce a suitable solution, will work with them to formulate the perfect product for their needs.


Many companies work to a one-size-fits-all approach but, at Vapor-Tek, our philosophy is to provide products which afford the highest possible level of protection at reasonable cost and never to compromise on quality.  This commitment to ensuring our products do the job better than any other has led to a wide range of contact corrosion inhibitors under the Steelgard brand. Coupled with aqueous formulations:  Aquavap to complement Vaporol, our oil based VCI, and Aquatest to render water non-corrosive. Finally, the unique Cablegard, a cold-applied corrosion inhibiting grease specifically created to protect overhead electrical conductors replacing the messy, ineffective molten grease previously used by most manufacturers.


Vapor-Tek Ltd takes great pride in being able to help customers eradicate their corrosion problems. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality allow us to compete successfully against our larger competitors.  Our customers appreciate that, when it comes to the protection of high value metal goods, the use of inferior protectives can be a costly and sometimes disastrous option.  They know that Vapor-Tek’s products are extremely effective, reliable, and cost-effective. Customer service and product performance are our top priorities.

Here to help…

Unsure which Steelgard is right for your corrosion problem?  I can help you decide.

Over the years we have developed many different Steelgard formulations for specific applications from Touch Dry to Acid Resistant, Export to RP Grease.  If we do not already have exactly what you need, we will formulate a cost-effective Steelgard material that is perfect for you.

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