The Client

N.L Roper & Sons Ltd are experts in precision lapping services, flat grinding and polishing. Serving various industries including aerospace, medical, motorsport and defence they pride themselves on offering a competitive service to customers with emphasis on quality and customer care.

Celebrating its 50th year in business, it has a long and successful history providing this specialist service.  Manufacturers and precision engineers send their products to be lapped, ground and polished to incredibly fine tolerances leaving surfaces completely flat or exactly parallel without stressing or damaging the material.

The Challenge

When working with steel components there is always a danger that they will begin to rust.  Processes which involve removing the surface material inevitably leave fresh metal, which is then open to the air and vulnerable to corrosion.  It is impossible to completely avoid exposure to oxygen and water in the atmosphere so it is vital for NL Roper & Sons to have a system which protects freshly finished steel parts so that they can be confidently packed and shipped in the knowledge that they will arrive with the customer in pristine condition and will stay that way until they are needed.

The Solution

Exactly how Vapor-Tek became the supplier of choice for NL Roper & Sons has been lost in the mists of time.  For at least 30 years the technicians have been applying Steelgard GP by spray, dip or brush to components as soon as they have been finished.  They are then packed up and shipped back to the customers with full confidence that they are protected indefinitely, no matter what the storage conditions or length of time they will be left before being put into use.

Steelgard GP is supplied by Vapor-Tek with an integral dye which allows technicians to easily see where the product has been applied and allows for a visual inspection to ensure the component is fully coated with no spots left vulnerable to corrosion.

The Benefits

Steelgard GP has been an integral part of the processes at NL Roper & Sons for so long, and it does such a reliable job, that there has never been a need to trial any other products.  Current staff have seen that parts treated 20+ years ago are still in perfect condition today so they know it can be relied on to prevent corrosion and is a reliable partner in giving their customers’ components the perfect finish.

About Vapor-Tek

Vapor-Tek produces a range of high-performance corrosion preventatives from our premises in Bolton.  As well as Steelgard GP, we offer a range of contact corrosion inhibitors under the Steelgard brand including Touch Dry; Steelgard Export for the challenging conditions found during international shipping and storage; Rust Preventing RP Grease, and the Steelgard 521 formulation approved by the MoD and NATO and used by customers worldwide including Rolls Royce and JCB on diverse products from metal component parts to the nuclear submarine fleet.

For engines, complex assemblies and products with a void, like tanks and pipework, we have a range of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) Vaporol and Aquavap.  Overhead conductors can be protected with Cablegard and we have developed Aquatest to render water completely non-corrosive.

Whatever your corrosion problem, we have a clean, simple and cost-effective product to prevent it.  For friendly advice, further information or to place an order call Vapor-Tek today on 01204 521795 or e-mail