Steelgard Export – Protects metal parts and products during export and long term storage.

Keep your machinery, equipment, vehicles, metal parts, spares etc. safe from corrosion during shipping and long-term storage.

Clean, Quick, Simple

  • Clear, free-flowing liquids are easy to apply
  • Thin, transparent lubricating protective film
  • Good handling – no messy thick, sticky coatings

High Performance

  • Outperforms traditional thicker, heavier coatings
  • Powerful water displacer
  • Reliable, long-term protection


  • Protects all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys
  • Coats complete assemblies
  • Neutralises fingerprints


  • High coverage rates
  • Save time and labour costs – quick and easy to apply
  • Dries fast – minimal holdups

Why Steelgard Export?

When products are destined for customers in far-flung places they may encounter more challenging conditions which require a more resilient corrosion preventative:

 •  High temperatures •  Corrosive atmospheres  •  Salt and condensation  •   Packing case corrosion

These are often compounded by delays, severe weather, damaged packing cases, corrosive fumes and dust, and lengthy periods in storage before delivery to end customer.

Traditional thick, heavy coatings can be difficult, messy and time-consuming to apply and even worse to remove, often prone to dry into a lacquer or gum.  In high temperatures they may even melt and drain away, leaving parts exposed.

Steelgard Export is proven to be a far more effective solution.  It is easy to apply by spray, brush, dip etc. We can even add a dye to help ensure complete coverage. During application it removes water, neutralises fingerprints and spreads and penetrates easily into nooks and crannies. Once dry it leaves a thin, transparent film of c. 10 microns which is soft, lubricating and self-healing.

Most machinery and components can be put into service without the need to remove Steelgard Export, however where removal is desired, it can simply be wiped off or cleaned completely with simple solvents, or by jetwashing in the case of large vehicles and painted finishes.


Other Steelgard Products


General Purpose corrosion preventative.  Dewaters, protects, no mess, no fuss.

Does everything required in the most cost effective and economical way. High coverage rate!

Steelgard 521 & 973

Versatile and very high quality.  Holds MoD and NATO approvals PX-24

(DEF STAN 68/10 issue 03/05) 


Steelgard RP Grease

Heavy duty rust prevention compound. Affords unrivalled protection to any metal systems.

Used extensively to protect coiled tubing between uses on oil and gas rigs. 

Steelgard Export

Protect parts and goods during transport and shipping. Formulated specifically to give superior protection yet be easily applied and removed when required. High coverage rate.

Steelgard TD

Touch Dry formulations for improved handling. Excellent performance from a thin film temporary protective (typically 2-3 micron) coverage up to 120 square metre per litre.

Steelgard 5in1

5in1 aerosol cans, ideal for household use, small businesses, vehicle maintenance.
De-waters, penetrates and prevents corrosion. Manufactured to the requirements of PX-24.

Here to help…

Unsure which Steelgard is right for your corrosion problem?  I can help you decide. 

If your ideal product isn’t listed, we have decades of experience in bespoke corrosion preventatives and will design a cost-effective Steelgard formulation that is perfect for you.

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