Businesses across the world are experiencing shut-downs, short working and drops in demand while British businesses get to grips with new paperwork, shocking increases to shipping costs and seemingly endless delays in sending and receiving goods across the newly formed border with the EU. People’s behaviours and buying patterns are shifting and our working practices are having to change to accommodate these, hopefully temporary, challenges.

For manufacturing companies this could mean metal parts and products spending longer in storage or indeterminate periods in transit.  While volumes are down, machinery and delivery vehicles may be lying idle. Furloughed employees and staff working from home may mean fewer stock checks and changes to production methods.

One thing that hasn’t slowed down is corrosion.  Pinprick rust can set in just a few hours after casting or machining.  Unprotected components can begin to corrode even in warm, dry conditions but will show damage much sooner when stored in damp or draughty warehouses, especially those located in industrial or coastal regions.

Machined parts may leave their manufacturer looking shiny and pristine but after a long journey and period in storage, corrosion can start to show, causing cosmetic discolouration which may lead to deeper damage and even threaten the integrity of the item.

Traditional coatings are thick and oily – they leave a sticky residue that can dry to a lacquer and is difficult to remove.  Components protected by this method may escape corrosion but the protection applied in this way also adds a layer of time and effort required to clean and prepare parts prior to use.

Vapor-Tek spent years formulating the answer to this problem and came up with Steelgard – a range of corrosion preventatives which coat metal with an ultra-thin film, just a few microns thick, packed with corrosion inhibitors.  Steelgard leaves just a soft, lubricating finish which usually does not need removing but, when it does, can simply be wiped off or cleaned completely with a simple solvent wash.

In practice, Steelgard is clean, quick and simple to apply by dip, brush, swab or spray.  We even offer Steelgard 5in1 as a 400ml aerosol to keep handy in workshops and packing areas.  With a range of different formulas, each created for a specific requirement, we can offer a Steelgard for any occasion:  Whether you need formulations to MoD and NATO PX-24 standards, a touch-dry finish, sturdier protection during deep water shipping or a thick, rust-preventative grease, we are sure to have the formulation you need.  If we don’t, we will work with you to create the perfect corrosion preventative for your requirements.

Where components are destined for painting, powder-coating or other rust-preventative treatments, you may prefer not to apply any products which will later need removing.  In this case we would recommend Vaporol or Aquavap, our Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) also known as Vapour Phase Inhibitors (VPIs) which can be applied to packaging to protect the entire contents through vapour build-up and will not leave any residue.  We supply VCI products to packaging companies and can recommend VPI paper and boxes printed with VCI concentrates to protect the contents where it is impractical to use VCI liquid.

For complex assemblies like engines and gearboxes or products with voids and hard-to-reach areas like pipework and tanks, VCIs can be applied and will continue to protect the entire product until it is ready to put into use.  Vaporol can even be added to engines to protect vehicles which are out of use so, as the oil drains away, exposed parts do not corrode and there is no seizing when it’s time to start up again.

We can even provide corrosion inhibitors for water-filled systems or products which are cleaned, rinsed or leak tested to prevent rust setting in from residual water.  Aquatest renders water completely non-corrosive and Aquavap prevents corrosion both above and below the water line keeping your pipework, valves and tanks pristine between uses.

Don’t let corrosion impact your business – call Vapor-Tek today to discuss which of our corrosion preventatives is most suitable to protect your products and assets.


About Vapor-Tek

Vapor-Tek produces a range of high-performance corrosion preventatives from its premises in Bolton. 

Steelgard is a range of contact corrosion inhibitors.  With formulations manufactured to meet MoD and NATO standards and used by customers worldwide, including Rolls Royce and JCB, on diverse products from metal component parts to the nuclear submarine fleet. 

Vaporol is an extremely effective Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) which protects the inside of things.  We also offer a water-based version, Aquavap, which has all the benefits of Vaporol in an aqueous formulation, which can be rinsed away if required.

Aquatest – renders water completely non-corrosive

Whatever your corrosion problem, we have a clean, simple and cost-effective product to prevent it.

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