STEELGARD RP Grease provides comprehensive corrosion protection for Baker Hughes

Steelgard RP Grease protects against corrosion

18-Month Study reveals STEELGARD RP Grease leads the competition in providing comprehensive corrosion protection for Baker Hughes 

Baker Hughes, an experienced globally operating oil and gas service provider, faced corrosion pitting issues in their coil tubing.

Baker Hughes contacted UK-based corrosion prevention market leader, Vapor-Tek to help provide a solution to the corrosion issue. Colin Jones, Commercial Manager at Vapor-Tek assisted the team at Baker Hughes to provide a product that could effectively prevent corrosion.

Corrosion in coil tubing was increasing maintenance costs and downtime, leading to lost revenue for the company. Even after flushing, and nitrogen purging, corrosion within the equipment continued to occur. For this reason, Baker Hughes conducted an 18-month study to determine the most effective corrosion preventative on the market for coil tubing. Upon conclusion of the study, it was determined that there was only one product that could consistently prevent corrosion in coil tubing: Vapor-Tek Steelgard RP Grease.

Steelgard RP Grease is a heavy-duty rust prevention compound, which provides unrivaled protection to any metal system. Used extensively in the oil and gas industry, it the ideal recommendation for Baker Hughes and remains an integral part of their service schedule.


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October 26, 2022