Vapor-Tek Saves Leading UK Foam Manufacturer £20,000+ in Operational Costs with Steelgard TD & Export

Learn how Vapor-Tek saved leading UK Foam Manufacturer £20k in Operational Costs with high-performance corrosion preventatives.


A renowned UK Engineering company specalising in the design and manufacture of Rigid Foam Machines faced the significant challenge of corrosion during their global shipping process. Due to the size of the connecting units that housed the forming machinery and vacuum equipment, they had to seal off each section and duct inlets with plywood shuttering.

However, during transportation and shipping the integrity of the packaging was compromised. This allowed a significant ingress of moisture. This lead to corrosion which went unchecked during transit. Vapor-Tek was approached to help assist and advise to prevent heavy-duty corrosion while shipping.


To begin, Vapor-Tek visited their manufacturing facilities and determined there was no form of corrosion protection during the manufacturing or assembly process. Plus, the integrity of the plywood to seal the entrance ports was not adequately monitored, exacerbating the corrosion issue.

Based on the assessment, Vapor-Tek recommended the incorporation of two corrosion preventatives:

The combination of the two meant they were able to significantly reduce the levels of corrosion during transport.


The cost of implementing these corrosion preventive measures, including the materials and application, was found to be only a fraction of the expenses incurred when dispatching engineers to rectify corrosion-related problems at various global destinations. In this case, the operational cost savings exceeded £20,000.


Posted on

June 28, 2023